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Pawel Szafran

Have you ever wanted to try Teller, but never gotten around to it because of your application code being tightly coupled to Plaid’s API and data schema? Allow me to introduce you to Sidecar.

Sidecar is a zero-code solution for painlessly migrating from Plaid to Teller. It enables you to use Plaid for existing linked Plaid items while enrolling new accounts using Teller, all without any changes required to your application code.

How does it work?

Sidecar is an application provided as a Docker image for you to deploy and run alongside your main application in your own infrastructure. You configure Sidecar with your Teller certificate and then update your application’s Plaid configuration to point towards your Sidecar instance instead of Plaid’s API host.

Integrating Teller is now a simple config change.

Now your application will proxy Plaid API requests via Sidecar, which intelligently routes API calls based on whether the API request is made using a Teller or Plaid access token. When a Plaid token is detected Sidecar transparently proxies the API request to Plaid as usual. However, when a Teller token is used Sidecar translates and reroutes the call to Teller’s API and then translates the API response into the Plaid schema your application is expecting.

With our application configuration updated to use Sidecar let’s take a look at how the application now works.

Plaid's example code configured to use Teller using Sidecar.

With Sidecar eliminating the engineering switching cost and more than 5,000 financial institutions being supported there has never been a better time to take a look at Teller.

Sidecar is provided free of charge to those with legacy applications wanting to use Teller. Contact sales today.

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