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Dan Palmer

Today we are excited to share with you an easy, low risk way to migrate your app away from relying on unreliable legacy screenscraping providers to enjoy the increased reliability and higher performance of Teller’s next generation bank API integrations.

From the earliest conversations we had with users we learned many of you are unhappy with your current provider, want an alternative solution, but feel trapped because your provider locks you in by requiring you to use their user onboarding flow.

Providing a Path to Move Forward

We’ve added the ability for your app to skip the initial Teller branded consent and institution picker screens, meaning that the first screen presented to the user is the initial institution screen.

The implementation is very simple. Simply declare skipPicker: true in the Teller Connect setup function and later specify the institution when calling

Many of you reading this will be Plaid customers. By combining this simple concept with Plaid’s event callbacks for example, your app now has access to live real-time data, and reliable connections by using Teller for the majority of your users, while still providing the base level of legacy experience for your long tail customers.


Let’s take a look at this video demo to understand how this works in practise. Notice how the user journey begins in Plaid and seamlessly switches to Teller as soon as the user picks a bank Teller supports.

This migration strategy is a great starting point to test the Teller waters. First, why not try us for an institution that simply doesn’t work on Plaid, e.g. Capital One. As you experience first hand the difference in quality Teller provides you can move over more and more of your users to Teller. Of course while this is happening we will continue to aggressively work on expanding our coverage so falling back to Plaid or another provider becomes less and less relevant.

Teller Connect skipPicker: true is available to all Teller users today. Create a free developer account and try the migration demo yourself today.