The shipping report 🚢

We missed a couple of these. Sorry about that, we've been so busy! Here's what's new on the product side.

Login with Teller

Login with Teller is how users safely authorise your apps access to their bank accounts. It's a huge step change in every dimension: safety, UX, speed, and developer experience.

We also announced that we're making our APIs free in production.

You can now go into production completely self-service. This is a big one, so we gave it its own post.

New bank alert 🚨

We now have full support for HSBC, Tesco Bank, and Metro Bank. You can enroll your HSBC, Tesco Bank, and Metro Bank accounts, to view account information, balance, recent transactions.

You can see standing orders and payees for Tesco Bank too. We'll be adding those to Metro Bank in a future release. Direct Debits and standing orders are currently not made available by HSBC via their mobile banking interface.

This brings us up to 11 supported UK banks

Nationwide update: Direct Debits, payees, and standing orders

We've expanded our Nationwide integration to pull down transactions as far back as we can, and added Direct Debits, standing orders, and payees to the API too.

International telephone number support

This was a silly one, but we used to require a UK mobile number to sign up. As an API provider for UK banks we thought this was a reasonable assumption to make, but it turned out a lot of people outside the UK are interested in Teller too, so we removed this requirement.

That's all folks. See you next time.