Login with Teller

Big news today folks. Today we're launching Login with Teller, the safest way for users to connect their bank accounts with the financial apps and services you've been building during our developer beta.

Also, today we're happy to announce that we're making our APIs completely free of charge*.

Going from the first time opening a Teller powered app to actually using the app with live data from your accounts takes less than 25 seconds.

Login with Teller makes some essential and fundamental improvements to how users give consent to financial apps requesting access to their bank accounts. Teller places user needs first, making it an easier decision for users to trust your app.

Users can choose to hide entire accounts from an app before authorizing.

Login with Teller uses TAuth, today we're open-sourcing tauth_proxy to help you develop more secure financial apps.

That's all for now folks. Create an application, have a read of the TAuth docs, and let us know what you build. 😊

* APIs are provided free of charge subject to fair use. Support and SLAs not included. Contact sales@teller.io for options.